Subdirectories in Model-13-Bakelite-Clock:

Non-image files:

File: CLOCK.HEX (hexadecimal ASCII encoded binary)

File: CLOCK.LST (Probably text)

File: CLOCK.MAP (Probably text)

File: CLOCK.SRC (Probably text)

File: CLOCK.SYM (Probably text)

File: Controls escutcheon, (Adobe Illustrator Document)

File: Operating Instructions card.doc (Microsoft Word document)

File: Shortcut to Epic.exe.pif (Probably text)

File: cal.bas (BASIC and variants)

File: clock.bas (BASIC and variants)

File: final meter (Adobe Illustrator Document)

File: front view.PSD (Adobe Photoshop Drawing)

File: power budget.xls (Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet (97–2003))

File: test.bas (BASIC and variants)

Image files:

Image: detail front.JPG

Image: side, cover open.JPG

Image: top oblique, cover closed.JPG

Image: top, cover open.JPG Home top of page